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in hawaii. visit for a chance to win. for the deaths of two firefighters and a roof collapse last december. could afternoon i am steve sanders. and i'm dina bair. we welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country on wgn america and on the web. wgn's a judy wang has the latest from chicago fire department headquarters ... >>is the report states what went wrong and makes several recommendations ... the department received the report in july and eveready made some changes ... cash poor communications and not just between firefighters at the
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scene tom ryan as president of the firefighters' union >>i'm not gonna second-guess any of my brothers and sisters who were on the scene of that fire ... there were reports of people in that building said their first and foremost job was to save lives ... >>2 firefighters were killed in the fire last december they were among the firemen went to the abandoned building on the 1700 block of east 75th street to hunt for squatters ... after the rip-off fire was reported under control the 80 year-old structures truss roof collapsed trapping the two men ... the report says that an insufficient number of radios was a big problem ... and to those who did their radios none of them communicated from the inside what they were seeing to the supervisors outside ... there's lots of things that have gone
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wrong with the radios it is relatively new technology from when i understand i am not an expert but we would appreciate anything that would help our members going into harm's way ... heists and there was no system to notify the fire department and placed about notifying them regarding dangers vacant buildings ... among the recommendations are radio for every firefighter, improve the ability to account for all firefighters at the scene of a blaze >>and tax on trucks ... and posting of signs on dangerous vacant buildings ... c f p b does not believe the lack of each firefighter and not having a radio contributed to this situation the lack of communication, we believe refers to the need to pass along more information about the air carrier which we need ...
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also dangerous building checks can be conducted by computer and shared with the fire department and the offices of emergency management building inspections ... >>the families of the people killed when a stage collapsed during a concert at the indiana state fair will receive some financial compensation the stage crashed down during a fierce storm back in august the families of these seven people killed will get $35,000 this money will come from a relief on that collected donations among those killed was 29 year-old christina santiago a managed programming at the lesbian community care project howard brown health center right here in chicago. those who were injured will also receive money ranging from $25,000 to $3,000 the relief fund is separate from the $5 million indiana officials
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will pay towards legal claims >>some troubling news today about chicago cabdriver's getting out of tickets to a tribune investigation has found a lot of cabbies they are twice as likely to find that their tickets are getting out and this must ... they're getting an unfair break in traffic court ... every single day hundreds of cabs are rolling along the streets of chicago but according to tribune investigation the driving records of some are not as clear as they appear on paper ... it seems to be across the board that it's not just 12 or three drivers it's a pattern they're getting many many tickets dismast twice the rate as the average person. >>among those investigated that 71 year-old captured on surveillance tape as he crashed into a streeterville pedestrian
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killing a man and injuring the driver and his passenger ... that guy racked up tickets over 22 years and most had been dismast ... >>if they're getting away with it it's more problem it's more problem for the cab drivers and anyone else because what gives drivers a bad name but it's good that we are shining a light on mass ... >>prosecutors say that witnesses and officers often don't show up in court so drivers are more likely to fight tickets to stay under that 3 per your threshold of tickets they need to stand business after all ... the taxi drivers say that they receive more tickets because they spend more time driving out on the streets but they do welcome more scrutiny from the city because they want dangerous drivers off the roads as well.
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the new location of the urban prep academy is causing students there's some problems ... the old boys' school opened its new location at 14th and a loomis just weeks ago. students there set they're being bullied and targeted by gang members and it's been going on since the beginning of the school year witnesses say that groups of young men have harassed attacked and even rum students at gunpoint school leaders and parents met last night to discuss the problem. they believe that the men who are harassing the students live in a c h a housing complex just a few blocks north of that school ... >>these adults harass the kids on their way to the bus stop >>as the urban prep family we should work together to resolve these problems ... >>police have stepped up patrols in the area but students said that there is still being chased ... >>to more cook county
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commissioners refused to take unpaid furlough days that were imposed on the county's 23,000 employees. commissioners joan patricia murphy and deborah sims join william beavers and early in collins asking the county to reimburse the money withdrawn from their paychecks. commissioner robert steele said he would take seven of the 10 furlough days county board president toni preckwinkle said commissioners who were earning $85,000 a year should set a better example for county employees ... and the values of homes in cook county may be going down but property-tax is are going up tax bills are expected to be delivered the first week of october. those county clerk's office say that chicago property owners can expect their taxes to go up 3% from last year it does not matter of property valley is fell because property assessment is only part of a formula that
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calculates that total tax bill ... as the city also wants to collect on past due bills from suburbs that get their water from chicago for suburbs of the city a total of $15 million there would be harvey, robbins dolton maywood robbins village in minister said that the town's past due bills go back three- four years but the village does not have the money to pay them city leaders are meeting with suburban officials to try to work living with diabetes is a reality for me, but i learned that i don't have to use a vial and syringe as part of my daily routine anymore. my doctor showed me the novolog mix 70/30 flexpen. flexpen is discreet and comes pre-filled with my insulin. flexpen goes with me and doesn't need refrigeration.
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just like spending time with my family. ask your healthcare provider about novolog mix 70/30 flexpen today. learn more about the different insulins available in flexpen at flexpen. insulin delivery that goes with you. [ water ] hey, it's me water. check this out... boo-yah! shazam! h2...o! hydrolicious! magic bananas! it's our first one-click faucet filter that removes 99% of lead and microbial cysts. adios contaminos! the republican presidential candidates debated for the third time in three weeks. texas gov. rick perry and mitt romney accused each other flip-floping on issues like health care and social security. perry also defended a program in texas that
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grants tuition breaks to children of a liberal legal immigrants attending state colleges and universities the gop candidates also criticized president obama's economic policies ... wgn's political analyst and a host of this c ltv politics tonight paul lisnek joins us now with more on the debate ... paul i have never seen republican candidates coed at the way they did last night ... >>typically in these debates you see them attacking the opposite party ... >>romney came out very strong rick perry came out strong and and petered out ... >>yes that is perry's problem he comes out strong on the first half-hour and then falters ... one critical area for these guys is foreign policy and i thought it was intriguing last night to see mitt romney to a strong job looking presidential on a question about israel and rick perry faltered when it came to
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pakistan and terrorism here is a clip: is this the mitt romney that was on the side of the second amendment before he was for the second amendment or was it before he was before those social programs from the standpoint of being for standing up for roe v wade before he was against roe v wade ... stutters daughter >>mr. r perry. romney ... nice try ... >>that's the wrong clip but you have to give romney credit for looking rather reagan asked in using the line there you go again ... >>and then there was that gay soldier asking about the don't ask don't tell repeal ... >>what was that about ...
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>>rick santorum will probably take michele bachman splays and attacking rick perry ... here's how he answer that question ... >>do you intend to circumvent the progress made for gay and lesbian soldiers in the military? >>i think this tries to inject social policy into the military and the military's job is to do one thing and that's to defend the country ... >>interesting the audience booed when at the gay soldier asked the question ... it's very telling about that audience in florida ... >>democrats would have responded that by creating that policy we played with social policy ... >>and the long run of this just might work to help mitt romney
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... with michele bachman waning rick santorum can go after rick perry and perhaps the vote will get split ... that will benefit mitt romney ... >>he needs to convince these big money contributors that he is up formidable candidate ... >>the money people the establishment republicans are not behind mitt romney they want somebody else there were hoping it would be rick perry and they are withholding their dollars behind him as well ... the establishment will have to eventually decide which way to go i am still putting my money on romney ... an michele bachman is people will start to see that she's not getting any more traction ... and those straw polls meant nothing they just aren't taking any money ...
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rick santorum got a punch and last night about those illegal immigration tuition breaks ... he begged the question about preferential treatment and texas saying it was not right and rick perry did not have a good comeback for that one ... >>coming up next the latest numbers from wall street ... and what michael jordan is a new chicago restaurant will be serving ... and we have ted allen with us for lunch break ... i am not letting go of summer yet i am growing sir
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this one works. ooh, the price sure doesn't. i'm tired of shopping around.
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i am blumbergs beejal patel live from the cme group ... gold is down traders are dumping it to raise cash it is down $93 an ounce copper and silver down as well ... there seems to be a holding pattern in trading with new speculation that european central bankers will step up the efforts to calm the market fears ... the markets are in bad shape their they need extra money to stay afloat ... there will be meetings over the weekend to figure solutions for the debt crisis in europe ... the worldwide recession is feared ... >>the shoemaker for athletics
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nike is reporting strong earnings and is warning customers to get ready for price hikes ... sears has bannedeen struggling sears and kmart locations are trying to rent space within their property is ... a big drop in oil this month as economists looking at the price of gas dropping at the pump ... we are already seeing gasoline below $3 per gallon in some parts of the midwest. that's a
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look at the business news today live from the cme group in chicago i'm beejal patel with bloomberg news ... michael jordan steakhouse had a grand opening last night on the miracle mile at the intercontinental hotel jmarcus webb and teammate scottie pippen were on hand ... michael jordan enjoyed the support and said it was great to be back in chicago ... still to come on the midday news worldwhy people battling asthma would not be able to purchase in heller's over-the-counter anymore ... and the josh gracin won over fans as the fourth place finalist on the second
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season of american idol he went on to record several hits his new cd redemption will be out in november his memory in himself and he will be performing saturday at the sears and heroes at home event in oak brook ... we are lucky to have him in the studio today we will be right back we're cracking down on medicare fraud. the healthcare law gives us powerful tools to fight it... to investigate it... ...prosecute it... and stop criminals. our senior medicare patrol volunteers... are teaching seniors across the country... stop, spot, and report fraud. you can help. guard your medicare card. don't give out your card number over the phone. call to report any suspected fraud. we're cracking down on medicare fraud. let's make medicare stronger
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for all of us.
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schools and the kids in chicago are taking on issues of cyber bullying ... randi belisomo has our report ... >>this survey says that one in three chicago public school
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students said they have been cyber bullied and net a third admit to doing the bullying themselves ... fish this is a nonprofit group that has a mission of training next generations of civic leaders ... this morning kids with this program got together to challenge appears to do something and talk about the dangers of on line bullying and improper use of social media they created a video called your social life of a discussion guide and a survey found that 80 percent of the public school students have friends that have had arguments on facebook that had real-life consequences like broken relationships or mental health issues ... this comes after a 14 year-old in new york committed suicide after being bullied online with a slurs ... many kids here today have been victims themselves and say that it is traumatizing ...
12:25 pm
>>when i moved here i lost my brother and people here would say things about him because we are native americans and they were very judgmental toward our lifestyle to that extent so lots of people were kind of saying negative things to me about my personal life and my family ... >>i talked to my teachers and i just tried to ignore it and i didn't let it affect me anymore ... the fact that they're not face to face with this person makes it a cushion for them to engage in this bad behavior even more online ... in the virtual world people have an ability to put on different personas than their real selves and real life ... >>if kids witness this activity online they need to be proactive that means informing teachers
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principal and parents ... we expect a system rain this weekend we will be up next with the tom skilling forecast nationwide insurance what's up ? what's vanishing deductible all about ? guys, it's demonstration time. let's blow carl's mind. okay, let's say i'm your insurance deductible. every year you don't have an accident, $100 vanishes. the next year, another $100. where am i going, carl ? the next year... that was weird. but awesome ! ♪ nationwide is on your side ♪
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there are lots of homecoming football games tonight will they be a washout for the fans tom? >>nada! entirely they make, and ago tonight ... we have an interesting system happening know when we look out over the lake we have some big cloud cover ... and it is conceivable that we can get
12:29 pm
isolated waterspouts on light michigan ... you'll see toward the end the blossoming of the cumulus clouds that tower at 21,000 ft. right now these clouds over lake michigan can produce thunder and lightning over the next several days there will, and they will go there will scatter ... it will be the dominant whether feature here is what we see on the radar right now ... lake michigan and the chicago shoreline and the western suburbs have been enjoying some mixed sunbreaks ... but looking at the wind there is a circulation developing their and
12:30 pm
this will speed up some substantial localized rainshowers ... here is what the model is doing ... it will bring clouds on shore with shower activity toward dinner time this evening and they will pop from time to time and then wash back to the shoreline ... what is happening here is warm air is running up to canada and cutting off this cool pool of heir to settle down here above us we will be under that for several days ... the wind may get gusty along the way sunday into monday ... we are about one degree warmer than we were yesterday at this time ... but in canada there is an unusual set up coming together they will be in
12:31 pm
the '70s and the '80s while we down here south of the border set in the low sixties ... the water temperature at this hour is 67 degrees at the shoreline and lake michigan is down 2 in. from one year ago that's in response to the dry weather this month according to the army corps of engineers ... the mold is troublesome still and the weed pollen is a nuisance for some people ... these were the low temperatures overnight at the moment is 57 degrees at o'hare airport we are still way below normal temperatures is 60 degrees at midway airport ... here is the northwest suburban new of clouds developing the unstable air is
12:32 pm
clouding over during the warm-up of the afternoon ... the weekend forecast will be cool with a very unstable conditions ... showers will be occasional sometimes heavy ... we may see waterspouts over lake michigan. not unusual with this kind of circulation and strange air and clout conditionsd conditions ... now let's take a look at that cut off situation with that cold air ... we have a 160 mi. per hour jet stream running through canada that would otherwise push this along but it's cut off from
12:33 pm
us at the north and we are stuck with that cold air that's not moving ... the prairies from the united states up into canada may even reach the 90s this weekend ... however next week running along the edge of the warm air we will get some and we are hoping for an 80 degree day later next week ... looking at 8:00 tomorrow morning the clouds will blossom in the afternoon with scattered showers and thunderstorms ... and showers will arrive early sunday that may throw off the bears packers game we believe
12:34 pm
the daytime game time temperature at around three will be 62 degrees and it could be raining ... we will have to revise that forecast as the days go ahead ... cloudy cool tonight with scattered showers you may hear a thunderstorm in one or two spots ... the wind is on the light side tomorrow mostly cloudy scattered cheers perhaps a thunderstorm ... for the game on sunday cloudy with showers and gusty lakeside wind there will be a southeast wind right off the lake blowing into soldier field during your reindeerbring your rain gear..
12:35 pm
it's a tough job for the grounds crew at soldier field ... it's time for today's trivia: what a government organization logo is affectionately known as the meatball? ts@6h)
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you can scratch the first week of the nba preseason all 43 diemsgames right off your calendar ... the owners and players cannot agree on a new collective bargaining agreement and the whole season could be wiped out of the agreement is not reached by the end of the month ... jay cutler gets one of his receivers back in time for the packers on
12:38 pm
sunday. roy williams is returning to practice yesterday but running back marion barber is still questionable safety chris harris is a game time decision ... and the bears will need him on defense to stop aaron rogers threw two games he has no interceptions and the second-highest passer rating behind tom brady rogers is 5 and 2 against the bears in his career and the bears have nothing but respect for him ... >>he's smart he's got everything you want in a quarterback ... the white sox playing in their final road game of the year in cleveland ... phil humber had a second pitch of the game and kosuke fukudome homered to right field ... his fifth of the year
12:39 pm
... it is tied at 2 in the fifth and is for good domi onceit is kosuke fukudome once again this time he singled into two more runs and a phil humber gave up seven earned runs over six innings the white sox lost 11-2 but they took the season series against the of a tribe of 11-7 the white sox and the royals on the south side tonight while the cubs are in st. louis ... the blackhawks in pittsburgh for their second game of the preseason is scoreless in the second when michael for lake cuts to the middle and scores for the blackhawks they took the lead into the third but backup goalie ray emery gave up four
12:40 pm
unanswered goals to make the penguins and the black hawks' go on to lose four-one that's a look at sports we will have your live illinois lottery drawing next ... live from wgn tv chicago the official drawing of the illinois lottery ... the pick three winning numbers are: 9 1 7 the pick four winning numbers are: 5 1 1 3 mega-millions is
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$86 million get your ticket have a great afternoon..
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novolog flexpen today. learn more about the different insulins available in flexpen at flexpen, insulin delivery that goes with you.
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been traced to cantaloupes that were grown and colorado. the cdc says a person in maryland is the latest victim. 55 other people in 14 states had been second and the cdc fears that the death toll could rise. those cantaloupes come from jensen farms in colorado. the fda advises anyone who may have the contaminated cantaloupes to throw them out immediately symptoms of listeria include fever, muscle aches and gastrointestinal problems. asthma sufferers will no longer be able to buy and hellers over the counter because of the fda ruling that's because they use cfcs as a propellant and substance that's proven to damage the ozone layer but
12:45 pm
without an over-the-counter version asthmatics on the the more expensive prescription drug pharmaceutical companies are working on a cfc free version of the inhaler but it could be years before it gains approval at some point today a giant satellite hurling towards the earth will make a crash landing the satellite is roughly the size of a bus. but most of it will burn up and break apart as it enters the earth's atmosphere nasa continues working to predict where the world those fragments will land about two dozen metal pieces may hit the ground or the water officials say none will hit north america. there is a one in 3200 chance that the debris will hit a person ... and who you gonna call when the satellite hits? >>coming am next we have a lunch break you know when something's bad --
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on the food network and tsa cookbook author as well as being the food and wine ambassador for robert mondavi winery ... so you have a fall motif going here but you are saying that you are not going to let go of the summer time just yet ... i'm a bit of denial about autumn being here ... but if you go to the farmers' markets you see that
12:49 pm
there's still some great corn and some nice tomatoes hanging on ... i am going to make skirt steak a delicious cut with chimichurri sauce which is an garlicky cilantro argentinian delight ... i have cilantro i have garlic i have roasted hot peppers that i did on the grill with garlic and red wine you mix it together it's a very forgiving sauce i put in some lime juice and a half a cup of olive oil ... this is really all you have to do with the blender there's a lot
12:50 pm
of herbs in here but it all breaks down into a lovely garnish a lovely sauce bright and fresh and green and beautiful ... to make skirt steak it is a very thin cut of meat you have to put your grill on high and do it quickly because you want to see that meetsear the meat and it really needs to be seasoned with lots of salt ... this is not the kind of cut that you should cook well done ... you want at a little bit rare and you want to slice it against the grain ... this is a dish that i would pair with
12:51 pm
the blend of five red grapes called merit tosage.. and i discovered just this season that if you microwave and year of corn and the husk is easier to get off those silky threads so i am going to make a little bit of a corn salad here ... i am going to grow the corn i will toss it in a ball with a dust up beefsteak tomato and some chopped basil and i am going to toss this together with salt and pepper and a lemon olive oil vinegarette ... this is a lovely way to bid farewell to the summer season
12:52 pm
... the dina i think you should do the honors of flipping the me toat.. all need about two minutes per side for a perfect steak ... here is the sliced final product ... >>you have an event that i want to tell everyone about chicago gourmet takes place this saturday sunday in millennium park and you can find a link to the robert mondavi discover wind tore at the core may festival on our web site ... and you could also get information on today's
12:53 pm
recipe that would be ...
12:54 pm
12:55 pm
that's very interesting ... >>by the way this studio smells fantastic! >>look at this we have showers blossoming across the area there you see it on the radar ... this is a fascinating weather pattern with a big load pattern across the area keeping a school and in showers with embedded
12:56 pm
thunderstorms until tuesday of next week ... we had the fall equinoxes this mornin this morning it is the first official day of autumn it came and at 4 05 a.m. we are looking at low pressure systems that will consolidate later in the weekend presenting us with more showers and storms ... we will see them tonight we will see them tomorrow as well and sunday evening ... there will be a big area of rain and thunderstorms going into monday
12:57 pm
we have new rain numbers and. first of all we go to the 60s today the forties tonight back into the '60s tomorrow there will be big grain on the east coast of the united states and we will see the big rain here as well as specially by monday you may see some local downpours in isolated sections of our metropolitan area ... and here is the 5 day forecast ... and that the last two days of the seven day may bring us a degree temperatures late next week ... have a great weekend we are going to leave you with more music from josh gracin you can find him tomorrow at the sears
12:58 pm
and heroes at home event at the oak brook mall ... have a great weekend everyone..
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